Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours

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If you are inspired by nature and love environmentally friendly cosmetics, but you desire something different, something bold and something bespoke.

Here at Ethical House LTD we work closely with you to create those luxurious and beautiful wedding favours you’ve dreamed of. We use natural, organic ingredients and all our packaging is made with the planet in mind.

Orders must be placed 10 weeks before date of requirement.

What’s included:

  • Tailor made service with our Creative Director

  • Bespoke product(s)

  • Customer support services

  • Delivery costs

Terms and conditions apply*

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Depending on what existing product(s) or what product(s) you would like Ethical House Ltd to create for you.

The instructions for usage, ingredients, safety information, storage information and shelf life will vary. These will be sent to you once the product(s) have been lovingly hand crafted by our Creative Director.

There are many options for this service. You can tell us what you’d like created or you can choose an existing product, £280 is the service fee, this price includes; creation of product, admin (usage information, ingredients list, safety information, shelf life information), safety assessments, Allergen report (if relevant), storage of product(s), delivery costs and Ethical House Ltd basic packaging.

Does not include; ingredients and packaging (if desire custom packaging)

Minimum order of 10 units, no maximum limit.

All our packaging is recycled, reusable and biodegradable, we donate 10% of our profits to charity too.