The Vegan Alchemist - Jupiter (Sage) - Good fortune/ Expansion/ Optimism

The Vegan Alchemist - Jupiter (Sage) - Good fortune/ Expansion/ Optimism

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Jupiter is the second rung on the ladder of planets and is the largest planet in our Solar System. Sitting in direct opposition of Saturn, Jupiter brings expansion and harmony. King of the Olympian Gods in mythology, Jupiter rules justice, prosperity, growth, and abundance. 

In Alchemy, Jupiter is represented by Tin in the Great Work.  Known for its natural antibiotic agents, Sage is commonly used for medicinal remedies and is burned (or smudged) to rid a space of both all past energy, negative and positive energy and prepare the space for the new energy and vibrations to come.

*Jupiter is a beautiful scent of Sage, a plant ruled by Jupiter itself, and is adorned with natural minerals and flora.

  • 8 ounce tin (Out Of Stock)

  • 9 ounce amber jar

  • 16 ounce clear jar

  • 6 pack wax melt

  • Vegan and cruelty free

  • Hand poured in small batches in Orange County California

  • Soy and Coconut Wax, cotton wicks and 100% organic essential oil blends

  • If burned properly they will burn for 50+ hours 

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